who we are

From Istanbul, Turkey, the gateway between East and West, to all over the world. HUMAN LTD specializes in the design, manufacture and trade of textiles and clothing serving clients world wide within a variety of business sectors. With over 30 years of experience in the industry we have the knowledge, skills and versatility to deliver products to exact client specifications and develop designs from concept to reality. The underlying mission of HUMAN LTD is to socially empower our work force while producing the highest quality garments. This is why we employ highly skilled vulnerable workers/refugees in our production and packaging departments.

We produce the latest and best styles in the world of fashion and fashion to meet all requests and general tastes in different countries of the world with the help of a team of designers specializing in the field of fashion and fashion around the world


a company specialized in manufacturing and exporting clothes, where we manufacture clothes according to quality standards, with the help of a team of professional designers and international designers to produce models with the best appearance and most comfortable for customers and to ensure easy promotion and marketing

Majd Alabd


Muhammad Alkan

General Manager

Muhammad Alabe

Fashion Designer


For the manufacture and trade of clothing